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Friday, March 18, 2011

New Suzuki Swift Digital Speedometer

My Swift Bumblebee new digital speedometer.... Actually its the TrakPal LITE apps for my iPad... Yeah.. It looks cool at night when you turn off your dashboard light.... (but its too dangerous)... Beside speedometer, its also provide compass, accelerometer & altimeter which can be rotated with a single touch to the screen. 

To portray a digitize dashboard, I've choose speedometer dial to be in the main display, while flight-looking-altimeter & accelerometer- both at the bottom. Some how, the movement of dial attract me more and tend to out focus me from my driving....

This what i got from their simple website: TrakPal  is a revolution in navigation on the iPhone or iPad –

Completely updated and redesigned as a Universal app for iPhone and iPad. Compatible with iPhone and iPad 3G for Trak recording (GPS required), iPod Touch and iPad for analysis and playback (wifi required for mapping). 

TrakPal Pro also provides advanced GPS and Accelerometer based tools for driving, walking or any other outdoor activity. Features you’d expect from a top quality Navigation performance app.
For me, TrakPal display is to simple in term of layout and appearance... still i didn't try the HUD function- if its working or not .Still, I'll try to dig out for more speedometer app that give a cool dashboard look on my iPad... .

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