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Friday, May 11, 2012

Superman on Spidey....


Quite confusing when a prominent superhero, that had its own trademark- still depends on others superhero (even different publisher) iconic font for their promotion... Yes! I'm talking about Superman:The Black Ring Vol 1& 2.

Its on a hard cover compilation of Action Comics Series which come in 2 volume. In 2007, there's already an issue on why Spidey Font appear on PS3 body console... here's what i got;-

In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, the PlayStation 3′s designer –Teiyu Goto– revealed how the Spider-Man letter font came to be used on the PS3. To quote Goto-san: “Take the PS2 logo – we created it to blend in with the rectangular shape of the console. Personally, I feel very strongly that the logo would not have looked right on PS3.

If you really look at the PS3 contour carefully, it is rounded when viewing the console in profile. Rather than creating a typography with all the risks that entails, it was wiser to use the one from Spider-Man, for which Sony has the rights.

It was also the wish of President Kutaragi, who insisted that I use this typography. In fact, the logo was one of the first elements he decided on and the logo may have been the motivating force behind the shape of PS3.”

Shame on you Man of Steel.... Not a good move BTW....

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