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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prof Tajuddin Ismail said;

“My works are inspired by nature and natural landscapes- which is synonymously interrelated and complimentary of one another.

To me, I’m not only moved by its majestic beauty or its awesome forces and power- but a means of reflecting upon spiritual consciousness on the greatness of the Almighty creator – ALLAH.

Thus, the essence of nature and natural landscape such as color, form, texture, light, pattern and structures are explored to reflect upon the mystical phenomena of the natural world.”
Prof Tajuddin Ismail a.k.a Prof TJ adalah salah seorg pensyarah yang aku cukup respect di UiTM Shah Alam sepanjang diploma aku di FSPU. Prof TJ juga dikenali sebagai seorg pelukis kontemporari yang sebaris dgn Awang Damit.

Akan aku abadikan beberapa pesanannya dalam posting2 akan datang....


  1. Prof. taj adalah senior kepada Prof.Awang Damit both of them berada dalam aliran yang sama abstract expressionist malaysia...

  2. oh aku salah fakta ye... Tq for the info...


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