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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's the replacement i've dream of...

Finally, Today i've found suitable replacement for my long lost iPad's Ozaki iStroke-L Stylus... Yahhooo..

3M Smart Pen (MHP-1000B)
I buy this smart pen from Viewnet Hyper Store in Loywat Bukit Bintang, where it is cheaper then Machine Store at the Ground Level.... What’s attract me most, was the slim body part & the 3M logo which trying to promise me a better technology in the rubber tips- which had been my main problem in using my previous stylus.

By looking to its packaging, it’s just like a ordinary pen compare to Ozaki casing complete with manual tag. I've prefer black rather than pink, white or silver. As for the size, it’s likely to have a feel of holding ordinary ball pen. Same goes to the way we keep a ball pen. Thanks for the clip installed. Just a little down side of it - not having actual ball pen compare to my previous Ozaki iStroke-L

A few days before i lost my ozaki's, the rubber tip had gradually losing its smoothness and suddenly felt off from the steel grip. It turns to be a problem to fix it. I've once asked the salesman before i bought it, about any replacement for the tips- but the answer was negative. In searching for new Stylus, I’ve to pay more attention to he rubber tips material-what it made of…. and for now, 3M technology had guaranteed me the smoothness I’ve been looking for- for now.

My previous stylus - Ozaki iStroke L

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